Having started over 10 years ago as a simple website for Velivian Fesothe’s personal art and entertainment projects, and then having been incorporated in 2017.

Were preparing to re-incorporate Furtainment Ltd, a furry-owned entertainment media company specializing in anthropomorphic entertainment, news, and games, and bringing to fruition a long development and personal upskilling journey that we hope to continue with for the foreseeable future.

Originally incorporated in 2017, Furtainment has always wished to provide high-quality entertainment experiences for the furry community and beyond. We want to build a team that is dedicated to bringing to life imaginative and creative content that celebrates the anthropomorphic genre in all its forms.

We believe that entertainment should be inclusive and welcoming, and anyone who joins our team will be passionate about creating a safe and positive space for everyone to enjoy our content.

The Furtainment brand is a shortening of Entertainment combined with fur as we are a furry-owned business specialising in anthropomorphic entertainment, news, and games.

This page was last updated on the 09/03/2023.